6A - Divide and Conquer: Mastering Co-op E-Course Development When Resources Are Tight

Evolution of Co-operative Education
mardi 31 juil.   10:15 AM à 11:10 AM (55 minutes)

A number of Canadian post-secondary institutions have naturally evolved to adapt e-learning course content for use in co-operative education and work-integrated learning domains. In situations where staff capacities are stretched and resources are limited, however, how do co-op practitioners effectively tackle, and master, new digital interventions to inoculate their students? This interactive session will chronicle the tale of a small - but resilient - co-op team of 3 who banded together to develop the first Ryerson Co-op e-course using a D2L e-learning platform under major staffing, budgetary and time constraints. Independent learning, superhuman time management and leveraging the strengths of one another were key components of success in creating, launching and delivering a new e-course pre-employment program to more than 500 incoming co-op students in 4 unique faculties. We divided, and conquered and are here to share our experiences, best practices and lessons learned.

Résultats d'apprentissages 

  • Identify and share best practices in developing a co-op e-course when departmental staff, time and budgetary resources are limited Participant comprehension of best practices in co-op e-course development under specific departmental constraints
  • Learn from an applied case of co-op e-course development in the Ryerson Co-op Office that was achieved under staffing, time and budgetary constraints Heightened participant knowledge of a university-level case related to co-op e-course development including the experience itself, lessons learned and e-course content demos
  • Explore how the growing trend in e-learning and more specifically co-op e-course development may be considered in career and co-operative education divisions across universities, colleges and beyond Participant awareness of feasibility for advancing e-learning content

Ryerson U
Co-op Program Coordinator

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