10A - CEWIL Co-op Student of the Year Award - Feedback and Idea generation session

Evolution of Co-operative Education
mardi 31 juil.   04:00 PM à 04:55 PM (55 minutes)

The CEWIL Awards Committee has been working over the Spring to consider how our expanded mandate would effect CEWIL student awards.   One initiative we pursued was to assess the current Co-op Student of the Year Award award nomination criteria and process.  The committee felt that the overall process could be simplified and the criteria could better align with the goals of cooperative education and WIL.  We have drafted new nomination criteria and process information that we would love to share and receive feedback on.   After compiling feedback, we will make recommendations to the Board and potentially introduce new criteria and nomination process this year. Please stop by to see what we have drafted, ask us questions and let us know your thoughts!

University of Victoria
Co-op Coordinator
Langara College
Department Chair, Co-op & Career Development Centre
Université Concordia
Coordinator -Engineering Programs

Personnes inscrites 

  • Bob Eichvald
    Associate Director, Co-op & Business Partnerships, York University
  • Brien Convery
    Director Early Talent Acquisition
  • Chelsea Elliott
    Director, Corporate Relations, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science and Manager, Experiential Learning and Partner Relations, Queen's University
  • Claudia Sperling
    Program Manager, Co-operative Education & Career Services, University of Victoria
  • Cynthia Maclean
    Program Head, Centre for Workplace Education, British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT)
  • Gabrielle Smith
    Faculty Relations Manager, Engineering, Université à Waterloo
  • Ms Gillian Fowler
    Management Career Services, Dalhousie University
  • Ms. Kristine Dawson
    Director, Co-op, Career and WIL, Conestoga College
  • Nancy Sly
    Director, Applied Learning, Camosun College
  • Natasha Dilay
    Manager Career Learning and Development, Royal Roads University
  • Ron Pelot
    Assistant Dean, Co-operative Education - Engineering, Dalhousie University
  • Sarah-Joy Kallos
    Employment Facilitator, Camosun College
  • Ms. Veronica Ennett
    International Student Coordinator, Dalhousie University - SITE Co-op

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