5B -If You Build It They Will Come: Design and Delivery of the Flipped Placement

Work Integrated Learning and Experiential Learning
4:00 PM, lundi 30 juil. 2018 (55 minutes)
Typical approaches to work-integrated learning include co-operative education, practica, internships, and worksite placements. As the field and practice of work-integrated learning expands across the country, practitioners leading these programmes are faced with common logistical challenges with mainstreaming work-integrated learning, including supply and demand, administrative loads, cost and measuring outcomes, as only a few examples. Considering these challenges, in any new development or expansion of work-integrated learning, we need to be creative in re-imagining delivery. This presentation will provide a summary of the development and delivery of a flipped placement model in the Master of Professional Kinesiology programme in the Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education at the University of Toronto, where an in-house authentic work environment was created and clients were recruited to the University for participation. Recommendations will be posed for ways in which others can innovate and redesign work-integrated learning approaches in their own teaching contexts.

Résultats d'apprentissage

  • Awareness of an example of a flipped placement model as an innovative approach to work-integrated learning
  • Understanding of strengths and challenges of delivery
  • Knowledge of the steps required for the design and delivery of a flipped placement
University of Toronto
Associate Professor

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