11C - Exploring the professional development needs of work-integrated learning practitioners in the international community: Canadian comparisons

Emerging Trends in Industry
mercredi 1 août   10:30 AM à 11:25 AM (55 minutes)

Cooperative education (Co-op) has a long and well-established history in Canada. Increasingly, Co-op is included into the broader term work-integrated learning, and this is reflected by the 2017 national association’s name change from CAFCE to CEWIL Canada. Co-op and other WIL learning opportunities largely have the same intention that is to provide students with a relevant, authentic, and meaningful learning experience that involves engaging with, or even being situated within, a relevant community of practice. Many governments are now placing a large emphasis on employability outcomes and it is well-recognized that Co-op and WIL make an important contribution to employability. This increase in focus will likely mean a continued growth in the practice of Co-op and WIL.

With growth, however, comes the need for relevant professional development opportunities for staff involved with the delivery of Co-op and WIL in order to develop best practice further. The type of staff will vary from field practitioners, educators, researchers, curricular designers and managers of programmes. CEWIL Canada (CAFCE) has offered professional development opportunities, mostly through the biannual conferences and workshops. Additionally, an international, online professional development opportunities, in partnership with three other national associations, has also been offered to the Canadian Co-op/WIL community. For each of these opportunities, there has been significant interest and attendance from the Canadian community, indicating there is a strong interest for professional development in Canada. However, there has been little to no work carried out to determine what the WIL community perceives as its professional development needs. Determining these needs allows for the opportunity to tailor professional development opportunities directly to address those needs.

This presentation will show the perceived professional development needs held by the Canadian Co-op/WIL community. Results were collected from more than 500 participants from the international WIL community. Results in the presentation will show the perception from the Canadian WIL community in comparison to the international data.

Résultats d'apprentissages 

  • Emerging trends in Canadian co-op/WIL practitioner professional development needs
  • Emerging trends in global co-op/WIL practitioner professional development needs
  • Identification of priorities for Global WIL course curriculum development

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