7C - Work Integrated Learning Programs in Aviation

Emerging Trends in Industry
11:30 AM, mardi 31 juil. 2018 (55 minutes)

On August 29th, 2017, the Honorable Patty Hadju, Minister of Employment, Workforce, and Labour, made an announcement at the Air Canada, that the Government would invest $73 million dollars in Student Work Integrated Learning Programs, of which $4.8 million dollars would be given to the Aerospace and Aviation Industry. I was present at the press conference, and became interested in learning more about experiential learning, specifically the SWIL program and how it would be integrated in the aviation industry. I understood that the program was created to help reduce the gap in the supply and demand chain for skilled labour. I wanted to look at learning models that included hands-on training, like Kirkpatrick’s Level 3 Behaviour, and determine the best approach that would have a positive impact in both practical and educational settings. In addition, I wanted to see where soft skill training fit into this model, since I believe it plays a vital role in the assimilation process. I hope to have the opportunity to share my research with the panel, and to speak at the CAFCE conference next summer. Thank you for your consideration.

Résultats d'apprentissages 

  • Which models are currently being used in experiential learning, and what model the best fit for the aviation industry.
  • Some of the barriers and challenges faced by industry when implementing an experiential learning program.
  • Soft skill training and how it fits in the assimilation process of a SWIL program

Aviation - Air Canada
Manager Employee Engagement, People Culture and Communications (HR)

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