4C - Using LinkedIn Creatively to Improve Curriculum and Get Students Excited About Using the Tool.

Emerging Trends in Industry
3:00 PM, lundi 30 juil. 2018 (55 minutes)

LinkedIn is no longer the rolodex it used to be and has changed significantly since the Microsoft takeover. This tool remains to be a major professional platform for students, recruiters and co-operative educators. In her presentation, Sarah-Joy Kallós will be relaying examples from her own work on 1) getting the industry pulse for a curriculum refresh and 2) a creative application of the tool in the classroom that demonstrated the dramatic impact of crafting a post on LinkedIn. By consciously and strategically employing this tool, co-op educators can deliver information to students and employers, create value and authority in their field and mentor students on the etiquette of this platform.

Three Learning Outcomes  / Trois Résultats d'apprentissages 

  • Get students excited about using LinkedIn to build their professional network and improve their branding.
  • Gain a better understanding of the impact of building community for further outreach with employers, students, alumni and other professionals.
  • Appreciate LinkedIn as a way to stay on top of current trends in job search, employment maintenance and industry changes.

Camosun College
Employment Facilitator

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