1C - Employer Recruitment Practices Are Changing – Are You Ready?

Emerging Trends in Industry
Monday 30 Jul 10:15 AM (55 minutes)

Organizations continue to provide a great deal of support for the hiring of co-op students and new grads. And as the light has shone brighter on work integrated learning over the past several years in Canada, more organizations are getting into the game. This is great news for co-op in Canada. However, some organizations are making changes to their recruitment practices. Co-op practitioners attending this session will hear about some of these changes and provide feedback about how these changes may, or may not, work well within our institutions. Co-op practitioners who seek to stay informed on changing recruitment practices, and how these changes may impact their work, are invited to join this session and to contribute to the conversation.

Three Learning Outcomes  

  • Identify some of the changes occurring in the recruitment practices of co-op employers
  • Document processes of co-operative education programs related to the practice of co-op student hiring
  • Compare needs of employer recruitment practices with common processes of co-operative education programs

Dalhousie University
Acting Director, Management Career Services
Director Early Talent Acquisition
Ubisoft Montréal
Talent Acquisition Manager
LVL Studio
Head of Talent and Culture

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