1B - What Makes WIL Great?: Balancing the Theoretical Perspectives of Workplace Learning, Experiential Learning and Community Engaged Learning in Determining Quality Criteria for WIL

Work Integrated Learning and Experiential Learning
10:15 AM, Monday 30 Jul 2018 (55 minutes)
Concordia, John Molson Building (MB) - The Goodman Institute- Suite MB 10.121

Priorities for the expansion of students’ work-integrated learning opportunities are presumably reflective of the recognized benefits of this pedagogical approach, including the connections it can foster between education and industry/community. But with the abundant requests for more, more, more, how do ensure the quality of work-integrated learning remains at the forefront of delivery so that the purported positive outcomes are actualized for all stakeholders involved? Importantly, what are the quality criteria of work-integrated learning? And, how may these be used to inform the evaluation of WIL programming? In this interactive session, provocative questions will be asked about the purpose of WIL, with attention to the diverse forms of delivery. Drawing upon workplace learning, experiential learning, and community-engaged learning theory, varied perspectives on the intended outcomes of WIL, and the subsequent quality criteria required to achieve these outcomes, will be presented and discussed relative to implications for evaluation of WIL programming.

Three Learning Outcomes 

  • Awareness of the diverse (and somewhat contradictory) theoretical perspectives that may be used to ground the delivery of WIL
  • Ability to critically integrate established quality criteria for WIL and determine personalized "best practice" guidelines
  • Understanding of how quality criteria are used in the evaluation of WIL programming​

University of Toronto
Associate Professor
University of Toronto Scarborough

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