10C- A Year of Change: Reflecting on Waterloo's new Experiential Education Certificate

Tuesday Jul 31   04:00 PM to 04:55 PM (55 minutes)
One year ago the University of Waterloo launched its new Experiential Education Certificate. Entitled the EDGE Program, the certificate aims to support non-coop students in developing their professional skills, exploring career options and marketing themselves to employers. Students build on their employability through a variety of WIL experiences. The program is a collaborative effort spanning academic and non-academic units across the institution, highlighting that when we embrace change, we can provide meaningful learning experiences to our students. Attend this session to gain an understanding of the program’s successes and challenges as we reflect on a year post-launch.

Learning Outcomes

  • List three strategies for managing change while developing programs in post-secondary education.
  • Describe the importance of collaboration in higher education.
  • Discuss the benefits of experiential education from various stakeholder perspectives.

University of Waterloo
Manager, EDGE Program

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