2F - Leap IN: Entrepreneurial Co-ops and Incubation as WIL

Work Integrated Learning and Experiential Learning
Monday Jul 30   11:30 AM to 12:25 PM (55 minutes)
In the summer of 2017 we ran our first experiential incubator, LeapIN. After a thorough application process, we developed nine weeks worth of content with ten entrepreneurs who participated in workshops, pitch competitions, networking events and seminars across the city. One of the stand-out aspects of LeapIN was the travelling component that brought participants out into the economic world of London, Ontario. Through our session, we seek to explore the benefits and learning outcomes of incubation and hope to provide attendees with the tools to plan and execute their own incubator with an emphasis on why experiential learning is entrepreneurial education and why it is vital in our small business-oriented economic landscape.

Learning Outcomes

  • How to program a travelling incubator
  • The importance of entrepreneurial stewardship
  • How to build an entrepreneurship tookit

Fanshawe College - LEAP Junction
Entrepreneurial Animator
Fanshawe College
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