5A- Enhancing the accessibility of co-operative education in post-secondary institutions

Work Integrated Learning and Experiential Learning
Monday Jul 30   04:00 PM to 04:55 PM (55 minutes)
In summer 2017, the Waterloo Co-op Accessibility team, comprised of the University's departments of AccessAbility Services (AAS), Co-operative Education, the Centre for Career Action, and Waterloo students, began developing a model of support for students with disabilities, equipping them with resources to meaningfully participate in the exploration and pursuit of work integrated learning experiences. This project, titled Enhancing the accessibility of co-operative education in post-secondary institutions, was produced by the University of Waterloo with support from the Government of Ontario. This session will discuss two of the key deliverables of this project: 1) A pilot of a co-operative education self-assessment tool for students 2) A self-study guide and resources for co-op staff to equip them to assess capacity and gaps in providing inclusive service levels for co-op students with disabilities Participants will view and use samples of the self-assessment and toolkit to discuss in small groups their vision of an accessible work-integrated program at their post-secondary institution.

Learning Outcomes
  • Learn about the successes and lessons learned that University of Waterloo’s AccessAbility Services (AAS), Co-operative Education, and the Centre for Career Action have gathered from this project
  • Learn about the various resources which were leveraged to develop UWaterloo’s project deliverables.
  • Envision the tangible and intangible results of creating an inclusive, accessible campus culture for your post-secondary institution’s work-integrated learning program.
University of Waterloo
Project Lead / Research Associate

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