6D - L’intégration d’un incubateur dans un programme collégiale d’entreprenariat

Apprentissage intégré en milieu de travail
Tuesday Jul 31   10:15 AM to 11:10 AM (55 minutes)

* Please note: this session will be delivered in French, however questions may be asked in English
In the Fall semester of 2015 Champlain College Saint-Lambert (CEGEP) started one of the first three-year career programs in Entrepreneurship in Quebec.  The program covers a broad spectrum of competencies in the areas of marketing, finance, accounting, online ventures and legal issues with a focus on best practices required for Quebec. The third year of the program includes courses with an “Incubator” component, which offers students the opportunity to put into practice the theoretical portion of the program.

Learning Outcomes 

  • Learn tips how to start a college incubator program with limited resources.
  • Explore practical approaches to program design for experiential learning.
  • Discuss different experiential learning possibilities that can be integrated into this type of program.

Champlain College (Saint-Lambert)

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