9C - Are your international work terms safe?

Emerging Trends in Industry
Tuesday Jul 31   02:45 PM to 03:40 PM (55 minutes)

As our university programs become increasingly more global, students are increasingly choosing to add an international work term to their CO-OP sequence. With this in mind and given the need for risk management, the CO-OP Programs at the University of Ottawa have conceived a new system of approving all international experiences. This methodology will be presented in an interactive way with the sharing of example cases, risk management processes, and approval documentation.

Learning Outcomes  / Résultats d'apprentissages 

  • To understand the risks associated with sending our students on an international work term.
  • To understand the role that our CO-OP programs have in developing safe opportunities in the world today.
  • To understand the methodology that University of Ottawa has created to assist in the approval of acceptable international work terms

University of Ottawa
Assistant Director, Learning and Professional Development

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