2B - Co-op and Work-Integrated Learning "Research Café"

Emerging Trends in Industry
Monday Jul 30   11:30 AM to 12:25 PM (55 minutes)
Concordia, John Molson Building (MB) - The Goodman Institute- Suite MB 10.121
Join us for a Co-op and Work-Integrated Learning “Research Café”.  Members of the CEWIL research committee will host tables where we will discuss specific topics of research interest for the CEWIL community. Come to hear, think and talk about areas of research that could impact your practice as well as supporting the work of CEWIL Canada. As a group will share ideas for specific research questions and you will have the opportunity to meet potential research collaborators.
Learning Outcomes 
  • to identify research needs for the CEWIL community
  • to develop an awareness of areas of research interest among the CEWIL community
  •  to engage with people within CEWIL who share similar interests with respect to research
University of Toronto Scarborough
Managing Director
University of Lethbridge
Programs Coordinator/Instructor, Co-operative Education and Applied Studies; Alberta Representative (CEWIL Canada)
University of Waterloo
Director, WatCACE
Simon Fraser Univeristy
Vice Provost Students and International
University of Victoria
Executive Director
Memorial University of Newfoundland
ASM-CE in Business

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